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Melodi: "She" av Charles Aznavour

Knut som Charles Aznavour

Charl Asnavo :
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it’s a big pleasure for me to be here at Stenhammarsalen, Göteborg, Sweden.
I would like to sing you a song that I once wrote for my wife Ulla, but here, tonight, I dedicate it for all ze beautiful
women out there, it is a song called “She”.

She may be the beauty of my mind
Maybe the treasure of a kind
May come to represent me and you don’t know
She maybe a birdie on my head,
Maybe a horse that’s lying dead
can’t see anything in her at all
I only know that, it is she
She I cant forget her anyhow
my love depends on her you know why?
Because I love is all I wanted you allright
She may be the water in my knees
Maybe a dog I like to eat,
can’t see anything in her at all
I only know that it is she

Thank you, Good night

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